a Traveler's Story...

Long ago, it was believed that all energy is locked in a timeless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Energy is never lost in this closed system.  Within each of us burns the energy of will, a fire within that drives us. To the inner fires of will there are no boundaries. The inner fires of love are eternal, and shall transcend this life and the next.

The Cycle of love, burns eternal. Inflamed, smoldered rekindled and renewed in each life and the next. Now, in modern day; Two star-crossed lovers have traversed the furthest heavens and the deepest abyss, to reunite once more.

This is our story.  

The earliest representation of the phoenix is found in the ancient Egyptian Bennu bird, the name relating to the verb “weben,” meaning “to rise brilliantly,” or “to shine.”  An allegory of the resurrection and of life after death.

 Rolo - Flame enchantress
 Floki -Fire Conjurer

We are the fire alchemists, the magicians that build from the ashes. Entangle the flames. We manipulate an element  fearsome to most. Fire is the most primal connection we share with our ancient ancestors.  It's the energy that links us togeather through the infinite cycle of space and time.  Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes; our fire is both beautiful and powerful.  We wish to share it with the world. 

- Floki & Rolo